“Enhance a Fire”, in a very true sense, is a product line entirely driven by Hearth Dealers!

It was at the Nashville HPBA Show in 2015 where dealers, previously unaware of their existence, “Oohed and Ahhed” at the many show stopping hearth accessories and new ideas displayed by Everburn Manufacturing.

Dealers urged us to launch a line designed to enhance fireplaces and firepits. In addition to this, they could see all kinds of applications; increasing the glowing and reflective effect in ember beds, applying to electric fireplaces, replacing broken and outdated firebrick panels, changing a dark hole into a fascinating room accent….

It took us over a year to collect all of the Dealer thoughts and suggestions so we could come up with 350 attractively packaged products! “Enhance a Fire” was formally launched at the New Orleans HPBA Show in 2016.

Behind “Enhance a Fire” brand is Everburn Manufacturing Inc., a market leader for OEM ceramic fiber logs, designer brick panels, pebbles, burners, media.   In 2017 Everburn will celebrate its 25th Anniversary!!

Started in 1992, Everburn Manufacturing is the only company that combines a full time Design Studio team of gifted artists, a fearless Mold Shop team and a seasoned team of Production Artisans to create the most innovative and complicated artistic products for Hearth products.  Many award winning designs are the result of this world class system. Our “Just-in Time” production processes allow for seasonal and unpredictable customer requirements and we are renowned for our customer service.

With unmatched and superior creative talent, molding technology and quality excellence, Dealers we bring to you, fireplace solutions and awesome designs in our new “Enhance a Fire” product line. We know your customers want more design options, more realism and more color in firebrick and in-fire concepts including outdoor firepits, both in traditional and 21st century contemporary designs, even custom. Our many choices of Firebrick Panel Kits allow you to help your customers express themselves and give their fireplaces a “Very Now” kind of look. Just how a new light fixture, rug or drape can change a room, exciting new color and firebrick panels in the fireplace can do the same.

Enhance a Fire media products are perfect for creating interest and “wow” factors in outdoor firepits.  Reflective glass combined with colorful stones, pebbles, embers or twigs provides the “Jewelry” for that extra charm.

We invite you to check out our new website for many original and cutting edge designs for gas fireplaces and outdoor firepits.

Keep us informed of any new products you would like to see in the “Enhance a Fire” line!

Enjoy a million fires!

Team “Enhance a Fire” at Everburn.